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Respect her decision; Social media against YouTube channel that put Sidhoor on Anushka….

The celebrities are often seen by many as public property. Especially female actors. It is doubtful whether these so called publics make decisions in many aspects of their lives. Now Anushka Sharma is the victim of such adoration.

Anushka shared a picture of herself wearing a beautiful off-white salwar kameez on her Instagram. This is one of the pictures taken as part of the Diwali celebrations.

However, a YouTube channel has criticized Anushka for touching the red sindhoor in her forehead. According to Hindu mythology, this is worn as a sign of being married. It can often change according to the interests of individuals. Not only did the actress not have sindhoor in her Diwali pictures shared on Instagram, but she also did not have sindhoor in the pictures she shared after her marriage to cricketer Virat Kohli in 2017.

A lot of people have come out against this change. Fans have shared two pictures on Twitter saying that no one has the right to interfere in one’s decisions. Someone commented that the YouTube channel is trying to impose their decisions on someone else. Another says it’s disgusting.


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