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Delivery boy runs away with iPhones, enjoys luxury life!!! finally caught…

Beijing: Apple is the company that makes the most expensive smartphones. We will have to spend more than Rs 1 lakh to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max of their latest phones. The Delivery Boy, who was tasked with delivering Apple devices in China, passed with 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max.

He also sold phones and beat up the young man before he was caught. The young man’s name is ‘Tang’. Tang was commissioned to deliver the 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max to Apple’s official store. But instead of getting the phones there, Tang himself canceled the order. For this he paid 10 yuan (112 rupees) out of his own hand. Afterwards, Tang escaped with 14 phones.

One of the 14 phones on hand was set aside by Tang for personal use. Another was given to a friend to pay off a debt. The third phone was mortgaged for 9,500 yuan (Rs. 1,07,010). The fourth phone sold for 7,000 yuan (Rs. 78,849) to a smartphone dealer.

With a lot of money in hand, Tang bought expensive clothes, rented a BMW luxury car for 600 yuan (6,758) and drove around the city. However, the delivery company dismissed Tang after the incident. He was blacklisted so that he could never be recovered. Currently, police have also taken criminal action against Tang for stealing phones.


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