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Putin says ‘He’s not ready to recognize Biden as US President’…

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is ready to work with any U.S. leader, but he is not yet ready to recognize the election victory of Joe Biden. This remark was made during a broadcast on state television. The Russian president’s remarks come amid Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the outcome of the US presidential election by making a concession speech.

“We are just waiting for the end of the internal political confrontation,” Putin added, apparently referring to the outgoing US President Donald Trump and the Republican party’s claims.

“We will work with any person who will be given the trust of the American people. But who will be given this trust? It must either be indicated by political custom when one of the parties recognizes the victory of the other, or the final results of the elections are summed up in a legitimate, legal way,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

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