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‘New rules for Muslims in France’ ; President Emmanuel Macron asks leaders to support ‘republican values’!!!

France; French President Emmanuel Macron asked Muslim leaders to coordinate with a “charter of republican values” as part of an overall suppression of extreme Islamic beliefs. He gave the French Council of the Muslim Faith 15 days to operate with the interior ministry. The CFCM has consented to initiate a National Council of Imams, which will give imams with official accreditation which could be removed. It heeds three suspected Islamist attacks in little more than a month.

The alliance will remark that Islam is a religion and not a political movement, while also restricting “foreign interference” in Muslim groups. Mr. Macron has vigorously safeguarded French secularism in the trace of the attacks, which comprised the beheading of a teacher who portrayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class debate last month.

The president and his interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, met eight CFCM leaders at the Élysée Palace late on Wednesday.” Two codes will be inscribed in black and white: the denial of political Islam and any foreign interference,” sources told. The formation of the National Council of Imams was also approved upon. President Macron has also declared new steps to venture what he called “Islamist separatism” in France. The criteria include a wide-ranging bill that aims to control radicalization. It was disclosed on Wednesday and contains measures such as:

  • Islam is only one religion, and Islam in France can only have laws within the laws of France.
  • Restrictions on home-schooling and harsher punishments for those who intimidate public officials on religious grounds.
  • Extending to all children a national identification number (INE) that would be used under the law to assure they are attending school. These numbers already exist inside the school system but would also include home-schooled children and those in some private schools. Parents who violate the law could face up to six months in jail as well as large fines.
  • A prohibition on sharing the personal information of a person in a way that permits them to be located by people who want to harm them.
  • Political Islam does not allow, and religion is not allowed to interfere in politics. Those responsible will be jailed for five years and sent to the place where their citizenship was revoked.

“We must save our children from the clutches of the Islamists,” Mr. Darmanin told the Le Figaro newspaper on Wednesday. The draft law will be examined by the French cabinet on 9 December. Samuel Paty, the teacher who was killed outside his school last month, was targeted by an online hate movement before his death on 16 October. Le Monde newspaper has publicized emails sent between Paty and colleagues in the days after he demonstrated the cartoons in class.

“It’s really distressing and particularly as it comes from a family whose child wasn’t in my lesson and isn’t someone I know,” Paty wrote. “It’s becoming a malicious rumor.”He later wrote in a separate email: “I won’t do any more teaching on this topic – I’ll choose another freedom as a subject for teaching.

“Earlier this year, President Macron defined Islam as a religion “in crisis” and safeguarded the right of magazines to broadcast cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad. Such portrayals are widely considered taboo in Islam and are regarded as highly offensive by many Muslims. Following these statements, the French leader became a model of hate in several Muslim-majority countries. Protesters have also anointed for a boycott of French products.

In France, state secularism is major to the country’s national identity. Freedom of expression in schools and other public areas is part of that, and restraining it to save the feelings of a particular belief is seen as damaging national unity. France has Western Europe’s most extensive Muslim population.


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