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See the brother’s eagerness to take the baby sister; Watch viral video…

Most children love to see and pick up newborn baby. The video of a brother and sister, which is now going viral on Twitter, will fill the minds of the viewers. How eager the brother is to see and hold the newborn baby! The video also received loving comments from many viewers.

The video shows the father holding the baby and the brother excited to pick up the baby. His parents could not pretend that they did not see his desire to take the baby. He went and sat on the sofa. The parents then took the baby. Then they brought the baby to him. He stretched out both hands and touched his little sister with great curiosity.

All have a desire to pick up and love their little siblings like this. The video posted by Hopkins BRFC has received many loving and adoring comments such as ‘My eyes filled’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘What a beautiful family’.

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