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“Tulsi Vivah” ; Read the mythological story behind this ritual.

According to Hindu beliefs, Tulsi Vivah is believed to be an auspicious festival. On this day, devotees perform Tulsi vivah, a Hindu ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi or holy basil to the maker of the universe, Vishnu. Tulsi Vivah is the marriage ceremony of the holy plant Tulsi and Lord Vishnu’s Shaligram form of Lord Krishna.

Significance                                                                                                                                                          Once Tulsi (Basil) got angry and cursed Vishnu due to which he transformed into a stone. To get rid of this curse, Vishnu took the incarnation of Shaligram. He then wedded Mata Tulsi. It is said that Mata Tulsi is the embodiment of Maa Lakshmi. Tulsi marriages are performed on Dwadashi in many places. This year, Devutthana Ekadashi Vrat will be observed on November 25, 2020. However, at many places, Tulsi Vivah is observed on Dwadashi tithi, a day after Devuthani Ekadashi.

Tulsi Vivah 2020: Date and puja time
Tulasi Vivah will be observed on Thursday, November 26, 2020. According to drikpanchang, Dwadashi tithi starts at 5: 10 am on Nov 26, 2020, and will conclude on Nov 27, 2020, at 07:46 am. It is said that the marriage between Tulsi and Lord Vishnu marks the beginning of the season of marriages in India.

How puja is performed
On this day devotees wake up early in the morning and take an early bath. A fast is possessed as the disciple meditates by chanting Lord Vishnu’s name. The rites performed on this day are the same as of a Hindu wedding. A pavilion is installed around the yard where the Tulsi plant is grown. The Tulsi Vrindavan is decorated up as a bride. Lord Vishnu idol or the picture is draped in a dhoti and decorated with flowers.

During the ritual, Vishnu and Tulsi are tied together with a cotton thread also called mala. Devotees perform puja by offering sacred food (Prasad), incense sticks, sandalwood paste, and flowers to the deity. After this, worship Lord Ganesha and Shaligram. Shaligram takes the throne of the idol of God. Then do their seven circumambulations with Tulsi and do aarti and sing wedding songs.


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