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COVID-19 Vaccine Update: AstraZeneca developers claimed that the vaccine may be effective

As the developers claimed earlier this week, AstraZeneca vaccine may well be successful but enough questions have been raised about the trials and the asking for drug regulators around the world to think long, hard and perhaps wait for more trial data.

AstraZeneca must offer reassurance that it will not profit from its potential COVID-19 vaccine, non-governmental organization Medecins Sans Frontieres said urging the company to make public its supply contracts. Roz Scourse of medical group MSF, said, “MSF welcomes AstraZeneca’s commitment to sell the vaccine at a ‘no-profit’ price during the pandemic, but the reality is that it’s an empty promise unless we’re able to substantiate these important claims with data.”

The pandemic has caused in huge public interest in a process that is usually confined to the research departments of pharma companies, laboratories and research institutions, and peer-reviewed academic journals with a wide audience in the thousands. In fact, the reports of clinical trials are usually declared in such journals, not in press releases and briefings with analysts at investment banks. The results announced were good, 90% in one case, later updated to 95% based on more readings, and 95% in another. Even better, a close reading of the results by analysts, scientists, and experts with the knowledge to transform complex scientific papers and analysis into language lay people can understand, and constructed huge followings on social media in the process.



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