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Four years old bought fast food for five thousand rupees without his mother’s knowledge…..

Young children ‘s misbehavior are often fun, funny and give others headaches. But the naughtiness of this four-year-old from Brazil is just a little over the top. Using his mother’s phone, he bought fast food from McDonald’s for 400 Brazilian reels (Rs. 5,500).

Raissa Wandrade, the mother, shared a picture of her son sitting on the bench with no impressions. The mother has also posted a long list of food he bought. ‘Six hamburger meals, six Mac Happy snacks, eight extra toys, two big chicken nuggets, and 12 smaller ones. A large packet of potato chips with bacon, cheddar, 10 milkshakes, two top Sundae strawberries, two apple tartlets, two mac flurries, eight bottles of drinking water, a grape juice, two sauces … ‘.

His mother, Raissa, said he was crying and laughing at the same time. ‘Then I sat down with him and ate it all. I toasted that fast food day with a milkshake. ‘ This is how Raissa ends the post. More than one lakh people liked Raissa’s post. Many commented, ‘We want to see the look on your face this time.’


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