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“If we do this thing, Santa Claus will surely come this time”; British PM responds to eight-year-old boy….

UK The letter comes from eight-year-old Boris Johnson Monti, the prime minister. ‘I am eight years old. I wonder if you and your government have thought about the coming Christmas. ‘ This is what the letter contains. To that eight-year-old’s letter and to all the children in the country, he replied: ‘Santa Claus will arrive this Christmas with presents in his sleigh. I have called to the North Pole. ‘

This was the Prime Minister’s interesting reply. He assures that he has received a lot of letters in this regard and has talked to experts about it, so Santa Claus will come this Christmas with presents.

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He also posted an eight-year-old letter on his Instagram account. He said that if Monti behaved responsibly and acted quickly and safely, there would be no danger to his health. Boris Johnson says that “if you wash your hands regularly every day with a hand sanitizer, you and your friends will be on the list of the best”.


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