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One of the most beautiful snakes in the world; But the old bad name is still with the name…Know more!!!

Some people are scared when they hear about snakes. If you see a snake in the distance, there will be people who are scared. Some snakes are also pretty good. One such snake is the red milk snake. Milk snakes are a species in the family of snakes. These are not milk-drinking snakes although they have milk in their name!

That name was accidentally written. In the past, some farmers believed that these snakes jumped into the udders of cows and drank milk. But scientists have found that they do not have the mouth to drink milk from the udder. But the name Milk Snake has not changed.

The Red Milk Snake is a subspecies in the family of milk snakes. They are found in Canada, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Although small in appearance, it is thought to grow about 20 inches. But there are reports that it is getting bigger than that.

These snakes feed mostly on rats. Their diet also includes fish, reptiles, some snakes, birds, and bird eggs. They can live up to 20 years, but the average lifespan is 10-15 years. The base color is white and yellow. It is also found in brown-red and red-orange colors. All of these colors resemble coral snakes. But the Red Milk Snakes are so beautiful to look at!

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