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Hammer-like head, poisonous body; These worms are harmless…

Every day we see creatures of many shapes and characteristics. Lots of small insects crawling through the floor. We may not pay attention to all of them. But we may have noticed the creature that is going to be told next. Because of its shape.

The head of the creature is as wide as a hammer. Although seemingly harmless, these worms are a threat to earthworms. The hammerhead caterpillar is a genus of flatworms that prey on flatworms. It is called Bipalium.

They have a small amount of toxins in their body. Although it contains small amounts of tetrodox, it does not pose a threat to humans. Toxins have the ability to eat earthworms. They are found in many parts of the world and are mainly preyed upon by earthworms. The way hammerhead worms eat their prey is very different.

The enzymes are released and digested first by the victim’s body. Liquid food is inhaled through the cilia movement. Half an hour is enough to get everything right. Then no food for a few days. They have become the main enemy of man because they feed on earthworms.

They range in size from 5 cm to 20 cm. They are seen in brown, gold and green colors. These are more common at night as they require more moisture. They are found in cold and humid areas and stay on rocks or in bushes. These are becoming a major threat in many parts of the world.

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