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This is why it is said that only the abdomen should be only half full….Read more!!!

Overeating can lead to diseases. The energy required for all the functions of the body comes from the food we eat. Decreased food intake results in a decrease in energy. If this continues, there will be significant damage to the body’s strength, growth process and immune system.

Avoiding breakfast due to lack of time, unscientific diet control to lose weight, and drinking water when hungry are some of the reasons why we unknowingly reduce our food intake. Eating too much can lead to damage to the body’s balance. Examples of overeating include eating again before digestion, overeating because it is delicious, and paying attention to TV and mobile phones while having food.

Mixers and grinders are grinding tools. If the grinding material is set below or above a certain level, we know very well that the grinding will not be correct. We take special care to add the materials according to the figures. Is not this observation and attention also necessary in the case of the living body?

Only half of the stomach should be filled with solid food. This means that only half should be eaten. A quarter of the abdomen should be set aside for water and the remaining quarter for free movement of air.

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