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You do not need a knife to cut the cake, the wine glass is enough; Video goes viral….

The cake is a must to add sweetness to any celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or victory celebration, the cake will be the star there. It’s a cake that is going viral on social media right now. The video went viral because of the difference in the way the cake is cut here.

The video went viral saying it was an easy way to cut the cake. Here, instead of a knife, wineglass is used to cut the cake. The video shows a person cutting a beautiful cake with a glass of wine. The video was shared on Instagram by American film director Nancy Meyer.

The video shows each guest holding a glass of wine and being asked to cut a cake. Each holds the glass upside down and cuts the cake with the edge. The cake is cut in such a way that it does not become in anyone’s hands. Many people came with comments under the video. The comments say that the knife will never be used to cut the cake and that this is the best way to cut the cake keeping the social distance in the corona era.

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