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Newlyweds skip honeymoon and clears about 600Kg of trash from beach….

The couple used to discuss the fact that the beach had become a dumping ground for people, with alcohol bottles, slippers and other waste items strewn all over the sand. So, while the couple was yet to decide whether to head towards Lakshadweep or Himachal Pradesh, Anudeep suggested that they can help to clean the beach up. And she agreed.

The couple, once they agreed to do it, went and bought the basic requirements for a cleaning drive- they bought gloves, garbage bin bags and got down to cleaning the area. The couple says they had managed to dispose off over 600 kilos of waste from the beachside.

The couple said that even though they did not even put up photos on social media or anywhere, the locals came to aid them in their mission and have been helping since. The garbage they collected is being taken away by local panchayat workers.


The couple also wishes to increase awareness about biological and marine conservation and thus expects to continue with the cleaning drive.

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