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This seabird spits sticky oil against predators….Know more!!!

Many creatures are capable of defending themselves against enemies. They skillfully escape by using their own organs or secretions as weapons of defense. Among the birds, there are survivors. One such bird is the Fulmar. They are a gray and white seabird. Associated with albatross in appearance. They also belong to the Procellariidae family of seabirds.

It is found mostly along the Scottish coast and the northern islands, as well as in the eastern, southern and northern parts of England. There are two types of Fulmar birds: the North Fulmer and the Southern Fulmer. The northern Fulmers live in the North Atlantic and the Southern Fulmers live in the South Seas. The bird was first described in 1840 by the Scottish naturalist Andrew Smith. The lifespan of these birds is up to 40 years.

This bird has another feature. When eagles and other creatures come to attack them, they release a kind of fluid to get rid of them all. As the enemy approaches, they spit out this oily sap. Once the sap gets stuck in the body of the enemy then there is no escape. In the case of birds, they cling to the feathers and later become unable to fly.

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