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“Chinese hackers” launch recent festive sale season to attack millions of ‘online shoppers’ in India !!!

In a confidential invasion of millions of Indians, Chinese cyberpunk aimed online shoppers during the festive season of October and November. As per CyberPeace Foundation, a cybersecurity think tank, pirates from China’s Guangdong and Henan areas scaled multiple attacks on gullible Indians during the extreme sale season in India.

These hackers made fake URLs camouflaged as offers by Flipkart and Amazon and attracted the netizens to click on them with bogus prizes. These links were disseminated through WhatsApp targeting many online shoppers in India. The mode of operation of the hackers concerned mimicking the real deal campaigns of e-commerce such as Flipkart and Amazon to produce them look more believable.

As per the report, the festive season sale was a victory for Indian e-commerce firms, the option was used by hackers to aim millions in India. The probe concluded that frauds such as ‘Big Billion Days Spin the Lucky Wheel Scam’ and ‘Spin The Lucky Wheel Scam’ was made by Chinese hackers and circulated through messaging platforms and social media platforms such as WhatsApp to target tolerant online shoppers.

“E-commerce frauds are not unexplored but what’s more disturbing is the secret cyber warfare the Chinese entities are launching in India on a recounted basis,” said Vineet Kumar, founder, and president CyberPeace Foundation in a report. Kumar stated that the ‘Spin the Wheel’ scam isn’t unique and has been approximately for a couple of years. He clarified that India now has around 100 million online shoppers and this number is assigned to expand with which cyberattacks are also possible to move up.

“The information collected via these scams can be used to undertake more such cyber-attacks, especially targeted at internet users in Tier-II and Tier-III cities where awareness about such scams are low,” he counted. Chinese hackers established ‘Spin the lucky wheel scam’ within days of Flipkart promoting the Big Billions Days sale and simulated it to make similar-looking fraud ‘Amazon Big Billion Day Sale’.


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