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A preserved wolf cub, estimated to be about 57,000-year-old was found in Canada

Canada: A mummified wolf that was buried under the snow in northern Canada 57,000 years ago has been unearthed, and it is remarkably well preserved.

Scientists estimate that the wolf lived for about six or seven weeks in the underground den, before it collapsed around her. This tragedy and the permafrost that preserved her body are the reasons we know of this wolf pup’s existence approximately 57,000 years later. Zhùr, or ‘wolf’ in the Hän language, is the subject of a paper published today in Current Biology.

“She’s the most complete wolf mummy that’s ever been found. She’s basically 100 percent intact – all that’s missing are her eyes. The fact she’s so complete allowed us to do so many lines of inquiry on her to basically reconstruct her life,” said Julie Meachen a professor of anatomy at Des Moines University. The researchers said, “This mummy…has basically got all her skin, most of her fur…soft tissues present. The female cub is the oldest most complete wolf that’s ever been found.”


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