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Farmers propose to hold another round of talks with the centre on 29th….

New Delhi: Farmers’ organizations have said they are ready for talks with the central government on December 29th. The decision was taken at a meeting of farmers’ organizations on the Singhu border. However, farmers’ organizations have laid down four conditions. In the earlier discussions, the government put forward the conditions, but now the farmers have put forward the conditions before the discussion.

Farmers have demanded that steps be taken to repeal the new agrarian reform laws, the procedure and conditions for written assurances on support prices, amendments to the Air Pollution Ordinance and necessary changes in the draft Electricity Amendment Bill.

Farmers also wrote a letter to the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture. The letter alleges that the government is deliberately spreading false propaganda against the farmers. At no point did the farmers demand that the law be amended, but that all three laws be repealed. The amendment was put forward by the government. However, the ministers are campaigning for the farmers’ amendment proposals.

It is unfortunate that the government has tried to mislead the people by hiding the facts. In the letter, the farmers demanded an end to the campaign against the farmers using the entire system. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had yesterday accused the Opposition of spreading misconceptions and spreading lies among farmers. He also urged the farmers not to fall prey to such false propaganda.

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