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Google said it no longer supports Windows 7 for building Chromium. Know more!!!

Microsoft has already made it free that Windows 7 reliance should be moving to a close and the company’s focus is on moving people and businesses to Windows 10 – its latest operating system with more than 50% market share.

“I don’t remember a decision to require Windows 10, but it seems inevitable that it will happen at some point, and maybe that time as now. There have been a few Windows 7 breaks lately and it eventually gets expensive to keep fixing them,” said Google engineer Bruce Dawson.

He added, “Community fixes could probably be accepted. Right now we don’t even know what the current problem is so the first step if somebody wants a fix would be for somebody who is encountering the problem to find out what has gone wrong – none of us have Windows 7 machines anymore. Using the debugger or event viewer or process explorer might reveal the problem, and maybe it will be something worth fixing.”

Google developers have already discontinued using Windows 7 to build Chrome, but it’s unclear when Chromium will completely stop working on older platforms.

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