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“I want to appeal to the Central government to not let any more farmers sacrifice their lives”: Delhi CM

Yesterday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to the Centre to repeal the new farm laws and said farmers are protesting for their survival.

“I challenge any Union Minister to have an open debate with the farmers and it will be clear how harmful these laws are,” Kejriwal said in his second visit. He said, “More than 40 people have lost their lives here. Today, through this platform, and at such a sacred place, I want to appeal to the central government with folded hands to repeal these farm laws. These are our people, our brothers, sisters, mothers and elders. These are the people of our nation, listen to them, and end their struggle here. How many lives will you take?”

Kejriwal said, “What will the farmers do if you take farming away from them? The farmers who are sitting on the borders today with their elders and children are sitting here for their survival. If the big companies take over-farming, the farmers will be left with nothing.” “I heard all their speeches but I have not heard even a single leader talking about how these farm laws benefit farmers.”

The Delhi CM further said, “If a crop is being sold at Rs 800 per quintal in Bihar where there are no mandis, and the MSP is Rs 1,850 per quintal where do our farmers from Bihar and UP sell their produce for more than Rs 1,850? They cannot even get 50 percent of the price outside of mandis. This is not a benefit to the farmers but the big companies and the rich.” “I want to appeal to the Central government to not let any more farmers sacrifice their lives. This is a fight for their survival. The Central government should repeal these farm laws as soon as possible, guarantee MSP in the law, and end the struggle of the farmers.”


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