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Amazingly, the largest Shiva form in Kerala; Built in 6 years

The biggest Shiva form in Kerala, which was completed in six years, is amazing. This Shiva figure rose on the beach of The Azhimala, creating a miracle. The Shiva form was built under the leadership of Pulingkudi Azhimala Shiva Temple Trust. The Shiva form is located on the rocky terraces between the Azhimala Shiva Temple and the seashore.

The shiva form was built by Devadatta, a local resident and a graduate of sculpture. The 58-foot Shiva figure is located above the rock, with its hair untied and his face raised. The Goddess Ganga is kept in the body. One of the four hands is the trident, robe in the right hand, one hand is on the thigh, and the other is on the hair. There are snakes, rudraksha and necklaces of the skulls on the neck.

The shiva form is made of concrete, understanding the wind. It shows the semi-narishvara form and the bedform of Shiva. The legend of the temple is also engraved in the form of Shiva. A 3500 sq ft meditation hall is also being built on three floors below the shiva form. The road was through the small cave gate on the side of Shiva’s form, with 27 stairs. The height of the ground level from the meditation hall to the form of Shiva is 78 feet.

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