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‘Pluto Baby and Grandma’ were everywhere together and finally in death too…

Grandmother also passed away after the departure of a pet she loved as a grandchild. The incident of a rare love story was reported in Thiruvananthapuram Kuravankonam. Both were buried close together. The news became a sensation after a commemorative advertisement published in a newspaper. It contains information that our beloved mother and pet dog Pluto Baby have been separated for the next few days.

Sarojini Ramachandran, 95, passed away two days after that, Pluto Baby, a pet dog, died. Her daughter Kuku Vinod said that her mother saw Pluto Baby as her granddaughter. Sarojini Amma is the daughter of Relay Tiles Factory founder Velayudhan and the wife of the late BA Ramachandran. She lives with her young daughters in a low-rise apartment. Pluto Baby arrived here thirteen years ago. They buried her mother and Pluto Baby close to each other at a place near Menankulam. The family decided to have a garden there.

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