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A state government to legalize cannabis cultivation

A state government is planning to legalize the cultivation of Cannabis. Goa state government is planning this. The state government is planning to legalize cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The Department of Health has put forward the recommendation which was revived by the Department of Law. The state Cabinet and Chief Minister’s Office has not yet given the green signal for this.

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“It is on the same ground where liquor is regulated. If you remember before 1985, there was no ban. The NDPS Law was introduced by the central government and charas, ganja were added to the programmed list of prohibited drugs. Today in various states of India, the form of this plant known as bhang is sold without a prescription through an establishment licensed as a bar license, ”said Nilesh Cabral, Law Minister in Goa.

“This plant is native to India. If it is used for health reasons and not recreational… I don’t see why not. I have seen people use it to cure late stage cancer. This is already being used officially in the United States, Canada, and Australia, so why should our people be left behind? It can be available at low cost if people have cancer, “he added.


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