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Teen crushes 18-month-old- boy under his car

In a tragic and shocking incident, a 18-month-old- boy died after a car has hit him.  Police has arrested accused Yash Bagdai, a 18-year-old teenager studying in Class XII from his house. The incident took place in Gujarat.

The victim is identified as Vansh Surela .    Vansh Surela was playing with his elder sister Priyanshi on the road. Their parents who sells vegetables in the street were Jagdish and Sumita were resting on the pavement in the lane. Meanwhile, Bagdai drove into the lane and stopped by the roadside to answer a phone call. At that time the toddler has went near the car in search of something. Bagdai did not notice Vansh squatting right in front of his vehicle and accelerated the car. The car’s left-side wheels ran over Vansh’s body.

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