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A stunning picture of ‘Wolf Moon’ was shared by NASA. Know more!!!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration shared a vigorous picture of the ‘wolf moon’ on its social media on December 30. It is the picture of the final full moon of 2020.

NASA captioned the picture, “Aaah-ooooooh! It’s a Wolf Moon to end the year.” “Beginning tonight, Earth’s BFF, the Moon will be appearing in the night sky in full view. This will be the 13th and final full Moon of 2020 and will be visible for about three days,” said NASA.

NASA added, “Why is it called the Wolf Moon? Different cultures have specific names for each of the Full Moons throughout the year, and they often relate to what is happening in nature at that time.” “The Algonquin tribes of what is now the northern and eastern United States named this the Wolf Moon, from the packs of wolves that howled hungrily outside the villages amid the cold and deep snows of winter. Another name is the Ice Moon. By month the full Moon in December is called the Cold Moon,” explained the United States space agency.

NASA concluded, “As usual, the wearing of celebratory celestial garb is highly encouraged in honor of the full Moon. Stay warm, but take advantage of these early night falls to step outside, look up, and share the beauty of our sky with your pack!”


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