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Covid-19 Updates: State government orders closure of all Covid care centres

A state government has ordered to close all Covid-19 centres in the state. Madhya Pradesh state government has ordered this. The state government has ordered the closure of all COVID care centers in the state, except those in Bhopal. The decision was taken considering the low occupancy of beds.

The government order states that if the number of Covid-19 patients increases then the health authorities can reopen these centers with the prior permission of the state government.

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“Does Kamal Nath want COVID centers to remain open always? The COVID-19 situation is fully under control in the state. Arrangements are already in place for providing adequate treatment (to patients). Home isolation is also provided. If needed, these COVID care centres will be opened again, but there is no justification to keep them open for the sake of keeping them open,” said Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.



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