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Health experts reveal what happens when alcohol and covid vaccine enter the body

Health experts have advised against drinking for a while if taken with a covid vaccine. Alcohol can adversely affect the functioning of microorganisms in the alimentary canal, which plays a vital role in fighting pathogens like bacteria and viruses. This can damage the immune system, including white blood cells and lymphocytes. This negatively affects the production of antibodies to fight viruses.

Dr. S Ronx Ikaria had done a study on this. The study was conducted by giving three glasses of prosecco alcohol. He had taken blood samples before and after drinking. The experiment showed that the three glasses of alcohol were enough to reduce the lymphocyte cells that boosted their immune system by half. Professor Sheena Krukshank, an immunologist at the University of Manchester, says that a decrease in lymphocytes can also reduce the body’s natural immune system.

So, Dr Sheena also advises against drinking for a few days if she receives covid vaccination. The body’s self-defense system must function well for the vaccine to function effectively. Dr. Sheena says that if you drink alcohol the day before the vaccine or within a few days after taking it, the vaccine will not work.

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