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“Would you like to try Energy Drink Pasta?” Man cooked pasta with energy drink, Video goes viral!!!

A video of a man cooking pasta adding energy drink has ranged viral on social media. The video was published by American magician Justin Flom. The video is titled, “You will never eat pasta the same way AGAIN. My friend Tommy is brilliant! My and my family are gonna try this asap. wow!”

The video depicts a man pouring an energy drink into a saucepan. Once the energy drink begins to simmer, he unpacks a packet of gluten-free pasta into it. He mixes the pasta with a spaghetti strainer spoon until it cooks. After transferring the boiled pasta into a plate, he adds more energy beverage to the pan and mixes flour to it to make the sauce. Once the sauce is fluffy enough he adds it over the boiled pasta and adorns the dish with a pickle.

Watch the video:


The short clip published on Facebook has created waves. Netizens were sickened at the sight of the energy drink being utilized to boil pasta. Some dubbed it “blasphemy” and killing of Italian food. Others anointed the pasta as a Halloween dish. One user stated, “Half of the video title works better! You will never eat pasta! Again.” Another wrote, “The thought of that mess is nauseating. The chunks of flour poured on the pasta was the final straw!”

A third user said, “I have so many questions beyond the obvious… starting with why did he use gluten-free noodles and then use wheat flour for the “gravy”? And why the hell is there a pickle at the end?!” Yet another added, “Can you do me a favor and never go near food ever again?”


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