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“Screaming pasta”; The latest trend takes the social media by storm!!!

Every once in a while, a strange meme template stretches viral online and endures to give the netizens giggling out full.

One such template is spreading viral now, and it is designated as the ‘screaming pasta’ meme. The post has reached the sight of the netizens, and the consequences have been inventive and remarkably entertaining. A Twitter user @bayabikomigim shared two images of cooked pasta on their Twitter page. One photo was of a single boiled pasta that appeared to have a yelling expression, and the other image had three pastas with a similar screaming look.

The Twitter user had given the pictures with the title that translated from Turkish reads, “This pasta has started to scream for no reason, what should I do? (sic).”

Soon, a Twitter user @Muttafaaa obtained an ideal possibility to change the tweet into a funny meme. They tweeted the pictures with the lyrics of the popular song, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. And that is how it all started.

Twitterati hastened to convert the images into their variants of hilarious memes, and the outcomes have been quite interesting. Even Zomato entered in on the fun, and any chai lover would completely associate to their meme.


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