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A “countrywide blackout” has been caused by a sudden plunge in the power transmission system !!!

The blackout, one of the most critical in Pakistan’s records, generated power to be cut in main cities nationwide, including the capital Islamabad and even hit one of the country’s international airports. Pakistan was nailed by a huge power blackout early Sunday, including all major cities, fell into darkness -officials announced.

The electricity circulation method in a nation of overĀ  210 million people is a difficult and sensitive network, and difficulty in one part of the network can drive to cascading failures countrywide. The latest blackout was generated by an error in southern Pakistan at 11:41 pm local time on Saturday, power minister Omar Ayub Khan tweeted, indicating initial news.

“The fault tripped the transmission system of the country, heading to the shutdown of power plants,” Khan said. The blackout knocked all of Pakistan’s major cities, including the capital Islamabad, commercial hub Karachi and the second-largest city Lahore. In 2015 a possible rebel attack on a key power line fell around 80 percent of Pakistan into darkness.

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The Ministry of Energy said that electricity had been revived in some regions of the nation and that troupes were still managing on replacing supply entirely in the early hours of Sunday. Netblocks, which monitor internet interruptions said internet connectivity in the nation “collapsed” as a result of the outage. Connectivity was at “62 percent of ordinary levels,” he said in a tweet.



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