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Ever seen blue pasta??? Watch this guy make ‘blue pasta’!!!

It is not surprising to say that the most bizarre combinations of foods were tried last year. Chocolate biryani, chilli jellies and maggi-filled pani puri were in the list. Now going viral is the video of making a pasta. The video shows a young man making a strange pasta.

The pasta is made with a blue energy drink. That’s why the video went viral under the name Energy Drink Pasta. The video starts with pouring a blue energy drink into a bowl. When it boils, add the pasta. When the pasta is cooked, transfer it to another bowl and prepare the pasta sauce using the energy drink itself. Then pour the creamy fermented sauce over the prepared pasta.


The video also shows Justin eating the pasta he prepared and saying it was delicious. Many people, including pasta lovers, have come up with comments under the post. Many people are commenting that this is a recipe that is disgusting to look at.

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