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Planning to purchase an air purifier? Keep these in mind!!!!

With the increase in pollution, air purifiers have become a need today. The construction works, the foul air emitting from vehicles and factories, along with the aerosol transmission of coronavirus increases the necessity of an air purifier. It helps us to breathe in clean air with ease.

Knowing about air purifiers, knowing your circumstances and needs helps in the purchase of the best air purifier that suits you. The best way to judge the efficacy of an air purifier is by understanding the amount of time it takes to purify the air. Air purifiers help with allergies, smoke removal, and chemical fume removal in factories, along with the removal of smell and pet hair, which can cause allergy. It is important to keep all this in mind before deciding the type of air purifier you need with specific filters suitable for your usage.

The size of the room matters big time while coming to the working of an air purifier. The bigger the space, the bigger should be the air purifier. Considering the ACH rate of the air purifier which refers to the number of times an air purifier can filter the entire volume of air in the space every hour helps to understand the efficiency of the purifier.

It is better to purchase a purifier that has HEPA filters. They help eliminate certain allergens like dust and pollen, and pet hair. But these cannot help with the removal of fumes, smell, harmful gases, bacteria, or viruses. In such a case, carbon filters prove effective. The presence of UV technology in an air purifier is an added advantage as this proves effective in inactivating microbes and viruses such as COVID-19

The design holds equal significance because some air purifiers have 360-degree air projection ventilators, while some others have fan-like arrangements to give out purified air in the room. The structural arrangements determine how far it can go in cleaning the air.

To maintain the efficiency of the air purifier, HEPA and carbon filters need to be replaced once or twice every year depending on usage and placement. UV lamps used in air purifiers have a working life of around 9,000 – 11,000 hours.

Be informed before you purchase the biggest necessity of the age to get the best that suits you the best.


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