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Dog trying to be friends with a cat…Watch viral video!!!

Pets are the stars of social media videos. Their funny deeds make the audience laugh. A video of a dog and a cat like this is now going viral on Instagram. The dog is trying to befriend the cat. But the cat seems to have no interest in it.


Two videos posted on Instagram will make viewers laugh. The first video shows a cat and a dog sitting on a bed. Then the dog barks loudly and the frightened cat tries to leave the place. In the second video, the dog gets up and tries to get close to the cat. Immediately the cat comes forward as if to attack the dog.

The dog lay there scared. The cat runs downstairs. The video ends where the dog tries to follow. The facial expressions and fears of the cat and the dog are laughable. Some of the viewers who watched the video shared interesting comments like ‘This is how my house cat is’.

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