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“Actress Manju warrier getting married on January 14th” ; Post goes viral…

Manju Warrier is a very famous actress among the Malayalees. The actress has been determined in the arts since childhood. The actress had stated that his father had arranged the transfer to see if there were any facilities for her to study and pursue dance. Fans are expecting to grasp more about Manju Warrier’s life on screen and beyond. A post went viral on social media that yielded the intelligence of a newspaper boy who marketed the news with the star’s wedding.

When he announced that “Manju Warrier was getting married again”, relating it to the newspaper headlines, the publication sold like hotcakes. Apart from movies, matters in the personal life of the actress are also going viral. Manju Warrier divorced without any mutual recriminations or accusations.

Read on for an interesting post by Ronald Nishant;

Yesterday, while boarding the Kottarakkara KSRTC bus from Thampanoor station, a boy dressed in dirty clothes came in with the evening papers. ‘Hot news. Hot news ..Mala Maoists behind gelatin company attack. ‘. No one buys the newspaper. ‘More evidence of bar bribery out there’, and still no clue.

He added, “Manju Warrier is getting married again.” The man sold the newspaper within minutes. He went out happily with the money in his pocket. From the first page to the last page, everyone is sitting and flipping. They found no such news. Everyone is gazing at each other with embarrassment. But no-one speaks. The newspaper boy has learned from experience that the greatest weakness of a Malayalee in the intervention into the privacy of others. Note that I hope you have not seen the title and read this.


All the rumors related to Manju Warrier are going viral quickly. The actor had long ago proved that he is safe with all kinds of characters. Apart from the film, the actor is also active in public venues. Posts shared on social media also go viral. Fans gave the star strong support during the crisis phase of his personal life. Manju Warrier returned to the acting world through the movie How Old Are You?


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