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“AJK -Azad Jammu and Kashmir”; Central Government introduces website with a map marking Independent Jammu and Kashmir.

Central Government Website with a map marked ‘Azad Jammu and Kashmir’. The drawing is on the website of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau below the Central Government. The map is eliminated from the site after a fight. The site issued an investigation statement indicating the western part of Kashmir as Azad Jammu Kashmir or Independent Jammu and Kashmir.

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This is a record of a “serious incident” that happened in July 2019. The flight from Srinagar to Jammu was redirected to Amritsar due to severe weather. Only 460 kg of fuel was left in it. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau had directed an inquiry into the incident. The concluding report was published recently. This report includes a map of the disagreement. The map displays the direction of the aircraft, but no air routes are marked on the map.


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