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How far will you go to break a curfew.? Check out what this Canadian couple did to surpass the curfew!!!!!!!!!

Amidst the fear of the spread of coronavirus, most of the countries around the world have brought in restrictions and rules for the people, in hope of controlling the spread of the virus. Canada is no different and the Quebec Premier Francois Legault implemented a curfew after 8 pm across the city. Quebec officials but had said people may walk their dogs after the 8 pm curfew, given that they stay within one kilometer of their house.

However, little did authorities know that the citizens would go to any extent to find loop holes in the rules.

The local police in Sherbrooke locality confronted a rare sight of a couple taking a walk after 8 pm with the husband on a leash!!! The pair was caught walking at 9 pm towards downtown and refused to cooperate with the officers. The couple was fined $1,500 each for flouting the restriction orders which they happily accepted claiming they were following the rules set forth by Premier Francois Legault.” The woman said she was taking her dog, pointing to her partner, out on a walk, as permitted under the exemptions provided by Quebec’s premier under its curfew law.



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