New uniform for jail inmates in Kerala!!!!

A new uniform has been decided for the inmates of the jails in Kerala. In place of a shirt and dhoti, male inmates will wear a T-shirt and shorts from now on. This decision was taken under the circumstances where the inmates used the dhoti they wore to hang themselves inside the jail. The new uniform will be made and distributed in collaboration with private companies. The color of the uniform is yet to be decided.

This idea was put forward by the jail DGP, Rishiraj Singh, himself after an inmate of Kozhikode sub-jail hanged himself using his dhoti. As a trial, the new uniforms will be first tried and tested in Kozhikode jail. The companies that are willing to collaborate with the police department are asked to contact the authorities for further discussions. As per the decisions made, each inmate will be provided with 2 pairs of uniform.

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