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Smart implant helps Dubai doctors treat teen’s epileptic seizures.

Thanks to high-tech equipment that Dubai doctors have implanted underneath her skin, a teenage Emirati girl whose name has not been revealed can now  live a better life surpassing her epileptic seizures,

The seizures the teen had been suffering were drug-resistant. Doctors at Rashid Hospital fully studied her condition and found that she was the right person for the ‘most advanced’ type of smart implant that was entitled “the pacemaker for the brain”. The device, roughly the size of a one-dirham coin, has been placed under the skin on her chest, the girl is now equipping herself for the programming. It is assumed to make her seizures less severe and less persistent in nature.

Revealing how the device functions, Dr. Abdulla Qassim, consultant and head of neurosurgery at Rashid Hospital, said: “We implanted the Vagal Nerve Stimulator ( VNS) device under the skin in the chest. VNS is sometimes referred to as a ‘pacemaker for the brain’ as it sends regular and mild impulses of electrical energy to the brain via the vagus nerve, which helps prevent epileptic seizures.”He also added that the mechanism is so refined that the patient does not realize there is an implant in the body. The doctor said that the implant helps decrease the frequency of seizures and can reduce the recovery time after a seizure.



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