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The smallest room in the world, only twenty-five square feet in size….

Ryan Trahan has shared a video of himself living in the smallest room in the world. Ryan spent twenty-four hours in a room of only twenty-five square feet. At that moment, two of Trahan’s friends come and sit in the living room with him. This room in Boston is a small house with a stove, toilet and small windows.

It is made of wheels that can be moved from one place to another. ‘It’s literally the smallest house in the world. I’m going to spend 24 hours inside this house. What makes this house the smallest house in the world? The total area of ??the house is only twenty-five square feet. But there is water, windows, a stove and a toilet ‘- this is how Trahan begins the video.

Trahan also introduces people to Jeff, who made this. The video also shows him sitting in the living room ordering pizza and eating it with friends. Trahan says he can’t believe he spent twenty-four hours in the smallest house in the world and it was a different experience.

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