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“Fraudsters pose as cops”; UAE police department warns residents.

Cops in Sharjah have warned residents of fraudsters who pose as police officers to rob valuables and belongings. After receiving reports of such happenings, the Sharjah Police have announced an awareness campaign “Beware before you fall prey to robbery”. The campaign aims to educate members of the public about the dangers posed by impersonations as security men who cheat victims by stealing their wallets and other belongings. The campaign aims to educate the residents on how to confront impersonators and report them immediately to the police.

“If someone is claiming to be a policeman, ask to see his official identity card first. If the officer flashes the ID card quickly and you were unable to check it properly, you have every right to ask to see it again and again,” clarified the police official. The officer also confirmed that, in normal cases, police officers will only ask for the identification card or driver’s license and vehicle ownership during inspections and do not ask for personal belongings, money, and other properties.

Police have noticed that these fraudsters mostly choose residents who do not speak the local language, Arabic, and take advantage of their unfamiliarity with the language. They stop undoubting residents on the streets, pretending to be from CID officers, and rob them. The police have circulated awareness leaflets in Arabic, English, and Urdu among residents and also at major shopping centers and clinics.

Any actions that evoke suspicion must be brought to the attention of the police to round up these impersonators. According to UAE laws, anyone caught posing as the police to commit crimes may be imprisoned for up to five years.


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