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Tunisian security forces arrest 632 people amidst riots.

Tunisian security forces have booked 632 people during riots that have seized the North African country for several days, the Interior Ministry said. Rioters took to the roads of the capital Tunis and other cities on Sunday evening. The protests turned violent as conflicts vented between the crowds and police forces.
Security forces faced groups of youths and minors which comprised of 20 to 30 people. The level of violence was soaring

Officials describe the act as “criminal acts and looting.” rather than protesting. The security personnel was severely injured. Demonstrators have resisted a four-day lockdown and curfew, forced since Thursday to slow the spread of coronavirus, and have taken to the streets every night since Friday protesting economic hardship. The protests took off after a video was posted online last week revealing a police officer attacking a shepherd. Videos shared on social media showed protesters obstructing roads and setting tires on fire while security forces tried to expel and scatter the demonstrators using tear gas and other forces.

The protests come as Tunisia marks 10 years after the rebellion that overthrew long-time dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Since then, the country saw an economic slowdown due to public unrest and following attacks by militant insurgents. The coronavirus pandemic worsened Tunisia’s ailing economy.


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