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Family horrified to discover what was behind the mirror of their new home… Know more!!!

When moving to a new home, many people need some time to adjust to the place. Especially if it’s a house where someone else lived. For some, there are always doubts about many things, because it is not possible to say what the previous owners left behind. The experience of a young woman in Arizona said that sometimes such doubts can be right.

It has been a few days since 18-year-old Annabel Michelson and her family moved into their new home. Annabel’s father, Michelson, often felt that there was something wrong with the house.

It was in the midst of these doubts that the mirror, which could not be removed from the bathroom wall, made the whole family think. It was doubtful why the mirror was so fixed that it could not be removed. Then they decided to shake it. Annabel also began filming the scenes on a mobile camera. They saw shocking things.

“When I looked in the mirror, I saw a small room. A room with cabinets and sink and adjoining slab and all amenities. There was also the remains of wires used to attach the camera or something. But the frightening thing was that the mirror hanging in the bathroom was a ‘two way mirror’. That is, if you look in the mirror from that room, you can see everything going on in the bathroom. The person in the bathroom does not even know that there is a sneak peek beyond”.

Annabel and her family still do not understand why such a system was made in that house. They have decided to inform the authorities as the incident is a bit strange.


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