SENSEX crosses 50,000 marking the fastest 10,000 points climb for the first time in history.

The 30-stock benchmark of the Bombay Stock Exchange crossed the 50,000 mark for the first time on Thursday morning. The SENSEX rose past the 50,000 mark with worldwide inflows and fuel swell. As it crosses beyond the historic 50,000 mark, it has created another history, as this is the fastest 10,000 points climb.

The official Twitter handle of the BSE India shared an info-graph showing the journey of the SENSEX. It shows the SENSEX crossing 1000 points for the first time in 1990, and the following rises and falls throughout the years.

The SENSEX breaching the 50,000 mark built another record of the fastest 10,000 points climb. Prior to this, the SENSEX had taken 633 days to go from 10,000 points to reach 20,000 points back in 2007. It had passed the 40,000 mark 610 days back. The SENSEX had taken 7507 days to go from 100 points to 10,000 and 633 days to reach 20,000. From 20,000 to 30,000 the journey had taken 2,680 days and from 30,000 to 40,000 it had taken 1,541 days.

The SENSEX had begun at a record high today. Yesterday, with a global rally along with the US Presidential inauguration, the index had risen 394 points and had closed at a record high of 49,792. The surge is being associated to foreign funds buying into the Indian market.


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