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“Beeper” ; A new app that brings 15 chat platforms into a unified inbox

Beeper is a new app that makes 15 chat platforms into a combined inbox. It serves as a central hub and connects the chats from apps like Facebook Messenger, Signal, Twitter (Direct Messages), Telegram, WhatsApp, and more.  The beeper can even deliver Apple’s iMessage to Android, Linux, and Windows. Apart from messaging, you can explore, snooze, and archive through your chats on Beeper. It is a subscription service with a monthly fee of $10.

The fifteen chat services that Beeper supports are Android Messages [SMS], the Beeper network, Discord, Hangouts, iMessage, Instagram, IRC, Matrix, FacebookMessenger, Signal, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. New chat tracks will be computed every few weeks, as per Beeper. It is also known as NovaChat, which is built on the open-source Matrix messaging protocol. It was designed by the founder of Pebble smartwatches, Eric Migicovsky. You can register for Beeper in this form, after which you’ll obtain an invitation to join.

While Migicovsky tweeted that the app receives iMessage to operate on Android, Windows, and Linux using “some trickery,” Beeper’s FAQ describes how it appears the same. The Beeper team gives each user a jailbroken iPhone with the Beeper app installed, that links to iMessage. This is obviously not a joke and Migicovsky shared a picture on Twitter of what seems to be old jailbroken iPhones. In reply to a tweet, he stated that he currently had 50 iPhone 4s models at his table, meant to be upcycled to practice with Beeper.

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This executes the $10 monthly fee more legitimate. Nevertheless, if you have a Mac that’s always joined to the Internet, there’s a somewhat less stupid way to use iMessage through Beeper. Users can easily install the Beeper Mac app, which serves as a link. If you want to self-host, Beeper’s site has guidance that can permit you to do so. The website also reassures users that there will be a dark mode ready for the app in the next update.

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