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Like a solitary life? Here is your chance to end up on a dream job!!!!!!!!!!

The European country, Ireland,  is giving two persons the opportunity to live out their dreams by moving to a remote island there and taking care of a coffee house and some guest cottages.

This dream job, which, in a way, is also a chance to travel again, has been offered by Great Blasket Island, which is found off the coast of Ireland. In a Twitter post titled ‘Job Application’, it said: “The form for the Island Caretaker position is now live on our website. A little different this year, we created a Frequently Asked Question page followed by an application form. Make sure you read all the questions and tick the check box to proceed.”

According to the information received, two people must manage four guest cottages and a coffee shop for six months between April and October 2021 on the island. It has also been announced that the number of applicants would be limited because of the unbelievable number of responses received from last year’s post, which earned more than 42,000 applications worldwide, according to reports. This job is purely meant for people who favor quietude.  Applicants need to know that the island has no electricity or WiFi, and the website also informs guests to bring their own drinking water as it is a “limited commodity.”

The island is located “three miles off the coast of Dingle in County Kerry”. It is the largest among a group of such islands called ‘The Blaskets’. It is known to be famous for its wildlife, nature, and hilly terrain, and for its links to Irish folklore and literature.





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