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Wife carrying Championship; Beer equal to the weight of the wife as prize!!! Know more

Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world. This is also a great place to travel. Finland is famous not only for its scenic beauty and variety of dishes but also for its many fun-filled championships. The ‘Wife Carrying Championship’ is one such fun event. This race is about running with your wife on your shoulders. Competitors have to walk on a sandy track carrying their wives on their shoulders. Up to three couples can compete at the same time.  Competitors will be provided with helmets and belts to ensure safety.

Eighty couples took part in the competition last year. The event is being held in the small town of  Sonkajärvi in ??Finland. It is considered one of the ‘Seven Strange Demonstrations of Power in the World’. What if they are now unmarried? Such people have the opportunity to participate, and the unmarried can carry their neighbors. Only people over the age of 17 and weighing at least 49 kg can be carried on their shoulders. If you are underweight, the rest of the weight will be added to the shoulder straps. The prizes for the winners of the competition are also interesting. The winner will receive a beer equal to the weight of the person carrying it. There are also special prizes for couples who finish second and third.

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