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The nation missed this genius to be the PM. Any way literate Keralites are proud to have him as their MP from Wayanad.

“Empty words don’t suffice in the world of geopolitics,” Rahul Gandhi said once. Rahul Gandhi has often done hilarious errors in the past, be it while an election campaign or between giving a speech in the Lok Sabha. Whatever your opinion on Rahul Gandhi’s first substantive public presentation on Thursday, you would say that he illustrated a charmingly self-deprecatory side to his personality. So, if he is able of producing a little laugh at himself, is he also prepared to exhibit the way he has proposed his politics so far, as he completes 10 years as an MP.

A “fifth-generation dynast” Rahul Gandhi has no chance in Indian politics against a “hard-working and self-made” Narendra Modi, and Kerala did a disastrous thing by electing the Congress leader to Parliament, historian Ramachandra Guha said.

Here are some hilarious stupid mistakes left us in laughs;

  • India is not Tamilnadu – Rahul Gandhi latest funny speech-Taking a taunt at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated that PM Modi does not know the spirit, language, culture, or history of Tamil Nadu, yet he is dominating the state power through the central investigation agencies. Speaking at the people of the state during a roadshow in Coimbatore, the Congress leader said he has familial relations with the state and is responsible to the people of Tamil Nadu for having a friendly bond with his grandmother and father.
  • When he struggled to pronounce ‘Visvesvaraya’ while campaigning for Karnataka polls-On March 25, 2018, Rahul Gandhi stammered frequently while pronouncing the name of Visvesvaraya, regarded as one of the most prominent engineers and administrators of the country. In the video, the Congress President struggled to utter his name twice before giving up and moving on with his address.

  • When Rahul mixed up genders while addressing the Lok Sabha Chairman-In the middle of his address in which he was censuring the policies of the Narendra Modi government, Rahul Gandhi made an entertaining mistake when he addressed the Chairman of the Lok Sabha, Dr. P Venugopal, as ‘Madam Speaker’. The event occurred in 2016 and even as Gandhi attempted to confess and correct his error, BJP members created a noise in the House.

  • Aloo ki factory-Talking to people in Firozabad, Rahul said: “You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader. I cannot open a potato factory”. A slip of tongue, abound in nearly all of his speeches, settled him in trouble here as what he intended to say was a factory of potato chips and not a ‘potato factory’.

  •  When he got confused between ‘morning’ and ‘night’-Rahul created this famous goof-up in January 2013 while he was speaking the AICC plenary, soon after becoming the vice president of the party. While he was attempting to deliver an emotional speech, Rahul ended up stirring up the time of the day and ended up saying, “This morning I got up at night, 4 a.m. I got out onto the balcony I thought “Now you have a big responsibility in front of you and this person are standing behind you, people are standing on your side.”
  •  ‘Amma…err…Indira canteen’-In August 2017, Gandhi inaugurated the Karnataka government’s Indira Canteen program, which gives affordable and clean meals to the poor. However, he ended up having numerous gaffe moments while giving a short speech at the function, most noticeably when he said ‘Amma Canteen’ instead of ‘Indira Canteen’. For the ignorant, Amma Canteens are connected with late AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa and are very popular in Tamil Nadu.
  • Dropping the other Gandhi-While slamming the NDA government for reprimanding Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) scheme in Parliament, Rahul pronounced it just NREGA, excluding Mahatama Gandhi’s name. While Rahul fumbled and rectified his statement, some members of the Treasury benches shouted, “Bhool Gaya, bhool Gaya.”
  • When Rahul invoked ‘Obama Saab’ in his speech for the Uttar Pradesh elections-While speaking a campaign rally before the Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017, Rahul Gandhi gave a passionate pitch for ‘Made in India’ policy. However, the hypothetical model he managed to drive home his point was just a little too strange and wacky.  “I want a day to come when Obama Saab, America’s President, brushes his teeth with a peppermint toothbrush that is ‘Made in Barabanki’. If someone eats mango, the box should read ‘Made in Lucknow,” Rahul had said, triggering various memes and jokes on Twitter.

  • Rahul Gandhi upset the National Cadet Corps-Congress President Rahul Gandhi admitted that he has ‘no details’ about the National Cadet Corps (NCC) training when he was inquired about the privileges he would contribute to the cadets who pass the ‘C’ certificate examination. Within hours he was trolled. National Cadet Corps (NCC) Cadets hit out at Rahul Gandhi over his remark on NCC. One of the NCC Cadets displayed shock over Rahul Gandhi’s ignorance on the matter. The cadets said he should at least know about NCC. “NCC is like the 2nd Army. We’re around 15 lakh in India. After the C certificate, we need more opportunities to make India proud.

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