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Authorities in UAE launches crackdown on overcrowded houses: Violators will be fined

The authorities in UAE has launched a crackdown  on overcrowded houses. The Abu Dhabi Municipality has launched  the new initiative against the overcrowded houses in the emirate. Abu Dhabi Municipality  has also warned that violators will be imposed with fines. The campaign will run until January 28. As per the residential law in the country, only three people per room are allowed. It also prohibit makeshift partitions subdividing rooms.

By the initiative the authority plans to educates people about the negative effects of overcrowded houses, including health and safety risks and straining public utilities. It aims to find solutions to the issue of overcrowded houses and to reduce the negative effects .

Offenders of Abu Dhabi’s residential laws face fines of between Dh10,000 and Dh100,000. Repeat offenders are fined no less than Dh100,000 and no more than Dh200,000. For big offences, or in case of repeated violations, the offenders are prosecuted.


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