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Chinese rescuers save 11 miners after being trapped for 14 days

Chinese rescuers saved 11 gold miners after 14 days of being trapped by an underground explosion. A footage revealed the first miner to be rescued, with a black blindfold across his eyes, being hoisted out of a mine shaft in the morning.

The miner seemed extremely weak. Rescue workers covered the barely conscious man in a blanket before taking him to hospital by ambulance. Later, another three miners, including one who was injured, were carried out from a different part of the mine where a group of 10 had been in touch with rescue workers for several days. Three more from the same section followed in the early afternoon, and two more were rescued shortly after. Two miners were shown walking, supported by rescue workers, wearing a black cloth over their eyes.

Twenty-two workers were caught about 600 meters (2,000 feet) underground in the Hushan mine after the Jan. 10 blast in Qixia, a major gold-producing region under the administration of Yantai in coastal Shandong province. One miner has died.

Officials said on Thursday it could take another two weeks to clear “severe blockages” before they could drill shafts to reach a group of 10 men who had been getting supplies of food from the rescue team. These men were said to be in good physical condition and had been receiving normal food since Saturday.

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