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Country temporarily bans all international flights

Israel has imposed a temporary ban on all international flights. The decision was taken by the Israeli cabinet. All flights to and from country will be banned. The decision was taken after a new strain of muted Covid-19 virus was detected in some countries.

The ban on flights will come into force from Monday at 2200 GMT (2am UAE time) and last until the end of January. All arrivals will be banned. But landing of cargo flights, medical emergencies, and fire service flights will be allowed . Departures will also be banned except for medical emergencies, legal procedures and attending a funeral of a relative.

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“Other than rare exceptions, we are closing the sky hermetically to prevent the entry of the virus variants and also to ensure that we progress quickly with our vaccination campaign,” said Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

Israel has been under a third nationwide lockdown since December 19, 2020. The lockdown is expected to end on January 31. Borders of the country are also closed.


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